Thursday, January 31, 2008

Digital Collage

I've been messing around with Picasa again. Trying to explore its many options and features. For me the best thing about the program is the ability to make digital collages from my art work. I just love the multi-layered collage option. It makes things look so darned cool & adds another dimension to my work. The piece shown is a multi-layered collage created from one of my Soul Collage cards and a journal page I'd done for a round robin. I've altered the colors to make them a bit more "freaky" than they actually were.
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Creativity Central

Everyone needs a place to create. A spot they can lay claim to, fill with their ideas, dreams and longings. A place they can let their creativity flow and flourish. I'm lucky in that I have a room to call my own. A studio filled with the objects I find inspiring, the materials I use to create with and a comfy chair in which to dream. It is a tiny room. Not much more than an oversized closet. But it works.

At one point I had a nice, large, light filled room for my studio. But a few years back we decided that the room really ought to be a bedroom. So I packed up all my things and moved into the next room over. It took me quite a while to feel comfortable in my new location. It was too small for creating, I couldn't find anything I was looking for, it didn't feel like "my space". Eventually I settled in and began to feel the creativity flow in my new spot. Although, I admit, I still feel like I don't have enough space and there are some things I cannot possibly do in such a small space. But that's what the kitchen table is for, right?

Where is your Creativity Central? Do you have a spot to call your own? If not, then find one. Carve out a bit of space for yourself and your creativity. It makes all the difference in the world.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skull Found In Mail!

I have a thing for skulls & skeletons. Especially the Mexican Dia de los Muertos ones (who can resist a happy, dancing skeleton?). My sister by choice & partner in crime, Raine Phoenix, knows of my abiding love affair with all things skeletal. She may not share it, or even understand it, but she appreciates it for what it is: part of my uniqueness & quirkiness! Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Imagine my delight when I found this great piece of mail art from her lurking in my mail box. With removable skull & hidden message no less!


I have a horrible marker addiction. For whatever reason I can never have too many markers. Sharpies, in all their many & varied forms (especially their poster paint pens!), Sakura souffle, pigma & gellyroll and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners are just a few of the markers I consider a must have in my studio. I have them in every size, shape and color. Truly, it is an addiction!

Just today I received yet another box of markers in the mail. As if I didn't have enough.....

Today's addition to my addiction:

Gothic Arches

I've always loved arches: Roman, Baroque and Renaissance being my three favorites. All are structurally the same but with design differences. In the art world, so called "Gothic" arches are becoming quite popular. Swaps and groups that focus on the Gothic arch abound.

At one of my favorite swapping sites I saw a Gothic Arch ATC swap. Loving arches as I do, how could I possibly resist? The swap called for a Gothic arch with a vintage theme depicted on the cards. These are the cards I'm sending out.