Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Journal Painting Completed

Finished journal painting:  16" X 20"  wood panel, collage, gesso, acrylic paint, paint pens, charms & carpet tack embellishments.

Journal Painting: On Wood

A new "journal painting" in progress. This is being created on a wood panel that measures 16" X 20" so is not a journal"page", but a true journal "painting"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disintegration or Erosion Bundles

  For years now I have left batches of ephemera, sheet music, photos, handmade paper, etc out in nature in order to age them. Little did I know that this simple practice has become quite the collaborative among artists!  

  After reading about the Disintegration Collaboration,  started by Seth Apter of the Altered Page,  in the May/June issue of Cloth, Paper,Scissors,  I had myself a rather good laugh. Not over the project itself because that is a very cool project indeed. Over the fact that I never thought to photograph the bundles I made and put outside or turn it into a collaborative project. Frankly, it never occurred to me that other artists would be interested in participating in such a project. Boy, was I wrong!

  Since the original DisCO project, a spin off has been created called The Erosion Bundle Project. Of course, that project started in January so I'm too late to get in on it, but that's okay. I've been doing it on  my own all along and will continue to do so. although, getting in on a collaborative project definitely has its appeal!

  On April 28, 2010 I hung 2 new bundles out for "aging". They've already been battered by high winds and rain, scorched in the hot sun and will continue to be subjected to the great outdoors for a few months more.

  Here are the photos of my latest bundles. In a few months time I'll take them down, spread them out and photograph the results of Mother Nature on them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Journal Pages 5/9 & 5/10/10

    Letting go of things we no longer have use for is something I regularly encourage people to do. It's also something I strive to do in my life on a regular basis. I don't just mean "things" as in objects either.  Letting go of things includes emotional or thought processes that are hindering us, people who drain us of our energy because they are so needy and behaviors or habits that are harmful to our well being. Relieving yourself of the burdens of both material and emotional baggage is so very freeing.  The first page shown today deals with my letting go of some emotional hurts that I'd been holding on to.  why keep them when the mere thought of them reopens old wounds. Time to toss the baggage into the river.

  The second page is a bit of venting on my physical pain.  Some days the only way to deal with the difficulties of looking fine but feeling pain riddled is to get it on the page!

Music I'm creating to: Days of the New: Orange

Monday, May 10, 2010

Journal Pages 5.7.10 and 5.8.10

I've been dreadfully neglectful of my blogging these past months. REAL LIFE decided it would interfere with the Virtual World in which I romp.  It happens to all of us from time to time. The things we must do get in the way of the things we want to do. 

However, no matter what twists and turns come at me the one thing I won't neglect is my art or my art journaling. For without those I would have no soul....

I'm trying to get back in the blogging groove so hopefully you'll all be hearing a lot more from me. Whether you want to or not!  

For your perusing pleasure, two recent journal pages. The first is on Censorship and how people try to censor me but just can't do it.  The second is on what I need in life to be happy. There's really very little I NEED.  Want and need are two very different things therefore, my needs are simple. My WANTS, well that's a different story....

Currently Reading: The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato 
(reviewing for Library Thing)

Currently Creating to: Stone Temple Pilots: Purple

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