Thursday, March 20, 2008

Restocking Vintage

Since I decided to sort through my vintage hat and clothing collection and bring some of it to the local vintage consignment store I've had the itch to buy more vintage. I suppose that letting go of some of my treasures made me want to acquire new ones. So I find myself spending hours on auction sites perusing the vintage offerings. In the past 14 hours I've bid on, and won, a few delectable hats and a few stunning dresses. I am also waiting for several more auctions to end, hoping all the while that the hat I covet most ends up being mine.

I've often said that we need to release the old in order for the new to come into our lives and I find this to be especially true with clothing. It seems like every time I clean out my closets and drawers they end up being rather full again in no time. Am I a clothes horse? No, not really. I just love delectable, touchable, unique articles of clothing and the accessories that go along with them. Also, I love seeking out a bargain and enjoy the pursuit of fine vintage for affordable prices. Perhaps I'm a bit of a treasure hunter. One who lives for seeking out the treasures of the past. Why not? There could be worse things I could be doing.

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