Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Found Object Art

I love making art out of found objects. In fact, I have no need to "Go Green" (the catch-phrase of the decade!) because I've been green all my life. Since I was a child I've liked nothing better than creating something new out of a treasure I've picked up. My adult life as an artist is no different.

I recently created a wind sculpture for the yard out of articles salvaged from the dump and ones I had on hand. An old bicycle wheel with the rubber tire removed, the metal blades from a huge, old fan that came with our house, the ornamental bits from some metal fencing and a few cans of spray paint provided all I needed to turn an old bird house pole into a cool, new work of art.

I love looking out my windows and seeing the tire frame and fan blades spin in the wind. Every time I see it I get a thrill from knowing that I created it and figured out how to assemble it so it would work.

Next time you're at the local dump, salvage yard or simply out for a stroll see what treasures you can find to convert into a work of art. There's nothing like salvaging the old in order to create something new.

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  1. Love the piece and your sentiments. I'm a Philadelphia artist who also uses found objects and trash in his artwork. In fact, my wife and I are both members of a group of artists in Philly called the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers. So we have trash in common. But that's not all. My studio is called Raven's Wing. I've always felt a strong spiritual connection to Ravens and Crows.


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