Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Decorative Tape Photos

Here's one pile of the decorative tape I have for sale. It doesn't look like a whole lot in the picture, but there's a dozen each of the narrow tape and 6 each of the wide tape for a total of 96 rolls of tape. I also have another bag full of different designs, but I can't seem to find it at the moment!!!

Wide tape is 2" wide by 25 meters (approx. 75 feet) long $6.00 per roll

Narrow tape is 2/3"wide by 25 meters (approx. 75 feet) long $3.00 per roll

Shipping is based on number of rolls and destination.
UPDATE 7/3/09: You can shoot me an email at vesta116 at gmail dot com if you're interested. SUPPLIES VERY LIMITED!!!


  1. That's a great selection and an awesome price for the tapes!!!!!!!!

  2. HEY the word captcha thing was not nice. it had me type in dummies!!!!

  3. Well, I'd be offended at what the captcha made you type. That's a bit of a personal commentary on it's part!!!!

    I NEED to find my other bag of tape!! There's 7 more styles in there, 4 narrow and 3 wide including the skulls & hearts tape that I adore!!!

  4. Hey, I want some. Would love to connect. .maybe at yor partner in crime's house??? Seriously.. those are adorable. I'll take some off your hands.

  5. Would you please email me....rubbermick@yahoo.com. I love your tape. Nancy Lynn

  6. I so NEED some of the black/white checked tape...still have any???
    Peace & Love,

  7. I love the little dolls tape how much? and how do I order them?


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