Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Journal Card 2 of 365

  My boy has been home sick for the past two days so I haven't managed to get much done in the way of art making. It's times like this that make me thankful I chose a simple art project for this year's 365 endeavor.  The journal cards I'm making are small, the same size as an ATC, and quick to make.  Something which makes any long term project easier to see through to completion as far as I'm concerned!

  Card #2 has a lots of glitz on it, which made me want to go back and revamp yesterday's card #1.That one had far more white on it than I like so I added some background color with my Caran d'ache crayons and a bit of bling with my gellyroll pens.  

  I've also decided that one side of the card will be a design prompt rather than a collage prompt because I don't do strictly collage in my art journals. I use an anything goes approach so my cards need to reflect that aspect of things.  

  For whatever reason the color on these photos is way off. They aren't nearly as dull looking as they appear here! In fact they're rather vibrant.

Card 2: Design prompt

Card 2: Journal Prompt

Card 1 Revamped

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