Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cooking As Art

   Art comes in many forms and I for one believe cooking is an art! Especially when it's done with love and enthusiasm, the way all things in life should be done.   My son loves to cook and is becoming quite accomplished in the kitchen.

    This Monkey Bread, which isn't your run of the mill, easy to make type of Monkey Bread, we made together. It was a great way to keep our minds off of Jimmy, the love of my life, being in the ER while we waited to find out what was wrong. Waiting's never easy, but that type of waiting's torture!

   Anyhow, always remember to make life's moments count. Something as simple as making Monkey Bread can be a "moment" when it's done with love and enthusiasm.


  1. Well said, my dear friend!
    I hardly recognized Adam! He's gotten so big. I didn't know he liked to cook. I agree that cooking is just as much an art as any other. It's wonderful to see the two of you sharing that.
    Prayers and healing thoughts go out to both Jimmy and you. Keep charging forward. It's all any of us can really do.
    Lots of Love a d Hugs,

  2. Raine-- Adam's less than an inch shorter than me!!! Me? Charge forward? You know me so well, Dearest! Love and Hugs to you too!


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