Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skull Block Print

I've been doing quite a bit of block printing recently. As usual, skulls end up being the main subject. On the left is my carved lino & on the right is one of the prints, done using multiple colors.  This is only the third lino block I've ever carved and I'm actually pretty thrilled with the results.  My all time favorite Art Mag, Cloth, Paper, Scissors is having a block print challenge right now. I think I'll send in one of these prints and see if it ends up gracing the pages of the magazine. Wish me luck!

A shout out to Raine  (aka: Glinda!) for the GREAT wicked Witch card she sent me last week.  Love you!!!  We MUST have an art play date soon!!!


  1. These look fantastic. The skull is so cool! Hard to believe you are new at this.

  2. Thanks Seth! I've been wanting to try my hand at lino carving for years now.Went through a mono-print phase eons ago, then a sun printing phase. I think block printing and I will become good friends because I am loving it!


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