Monday, July 2, 2012

21 Secrets

  Last week as I was reading Traci Bunkers blog  I noticed a link for 21 Secrets Art Journal Playground. Secrets?  A Playground?  Yes, I MUST check this out!

  As I read the workshops descriptions I got that buzzy, excited feeling. I knew I had to sign up. 21 online workshops, all with a different artist, all yummy sounding and all for one low price.  I signed up right away and started in on the workshops a few days ago. Nirvana!  I've been in serious fibromyalgia hell lately and this is just what I needed to keep me going, give me something to look forward to and to give me a sense of community which has seriously been lacking. It's tough to feel a sense of community when you can barely get out of bed, never mind get out of the house!

  If you are looking for a great set of workshops for a great price, on sale for $59 right now. YES! That's the price for all 21 Secrets, I highly recommend signing up for these.  You will love what they have to offer.  Photos of my first project, a mini album to house uplifting postcards you send to yourself, will be posted soon. I promise! Oh, the album and postcards are from the 'Personal Acts of Kindness' workshop by 21 Secrets instructor Dale Anne Potter. That workshop was the perfect, positive boost I needed right  now!


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