Monday, July 2, 2012

Envelope Book

I love the way this envelope book and postcards I made for a 21 Secrets workshop turned out! This workshop was the 'Personal Acts of Kindness' one with Dale Anne Potter, which I mentioned in my last post. 

  The book was suppose to contain 7 envelopes for holding 7 postcards containing positive messages for yourself, but I decided to add more. I made 6 from various decorative papers and another 7 from paper I created myself using inexpensive, white paper, with a coat of gesso on both sides, stamped, inked and covered in light tissue paper. Also I bound the book differently as I liked the look of all the various colors showing through between the covers. I always have to add my personal twist to things!

The heart on the cover is grungeboard painted with metallic red paint.

Top view showing the envelopes and a close up of one of my favorites
The postcards, each with a positive word on the front. 
The backs have a special message written to me, by me.
Side view of the envelopes. Love all the colors!


  1. Turned out FABULOUS Kristin & I LOVE you added your own touch to it! I am glad you enjoyed this workshop.

    1. Thanks Dale! I really did have a fun time making it and enjoyed the whole, positive vibe!


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