Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 21-25 Journal Pages

Even though I haven't been busy blogging it doesn't mean I haven't been busy creating! I've been making charms out of found objects, painting journal pages, cutting images, collaging, journaling and cooking up a storm. My boy and I have been spending some serious time on Wizard 101 so I've been busy slaying banshees, cyclops, fire elves and other denizens of malice too. I'm just doing my part to ensure the cyber world is kept free of malicious beings, as any kick-ass Artzy Diva should!!!!

Here are five of my most recent journal pages:

The focal image in this one is odd indeed. But intriguing because of its oddness:

The focal image in this one is from a photography show invite. The photo is one my friend Tasha took then digitally edited. I'd painted the background of this page using a floral stencil made from a piece of scrapbook paper (those new, fancy ones with the cutouts). I was thrilled after the image was glued on and I noticed the flowers in the background and the one on the image matched! Serendipity in art is a wonderful thing!!!!


  1. Kristen.. you really put some beautiful pages together! Great colors.


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