Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20 Journal Page

The first page in my new journal:

And the cover of it:

You can easily see that the journal is much shorter than it was when I showed it here. That's because I realized it was too big to fit on the scanner bed so I lopped the top off to make it smaller! In it's current incarnation it is roughly 8" x 8.5" but the pages inside are of various sizes. I love a journal that has different width and length pages. It makes working in it so much more interesting and challenging!!!!

I also love a fat journal and this one is certainly that: 112 pages total. I may have to take a some out once I really get working in it as the paint and collage work does add extra bulk. But, since I ring bound this one, removing pages is easy-breezy.


  1. Love the journal page and that blue cover!

  2. wicked cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or should I say wicked pissa!


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