Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Journal

I've finally finished my new journal!!!! I bound this journal three different times, unbinding it each time because it just didn't "feel" right in my hands. I've learned from experience that if a journal doesn't feel right you'll never use it. It has to feel good in your hands. You have to want to hold it, touch it, flip through it or you'll never, ever work in it.

I was getting frustrated, not knowing what it was that made this journal feel off to me. I finally decided to forget restitching it for a fourth time and go with metal rings instead. I cut the cover and pages apart, hole punched them (what I wouldn't give for a 4-hole punch!!!!!) and put it back together again.

Then came the moment of truth: I held it in my hands. And it FELT good!!!!! Great in fact. It felt the way a good journal should feel. It felt like it wanted me to work in it, like it was waiting for me to fill it with my thoughts, emotions, ideas and inspirations. And, because it feels good in my hands, that's exactly what I'll do with it. All 40 pages of it will be lovingly worked on and all because I finally managed to make the journal I was suppose to have, not the one I thought I wanted.


  1. i LOVE it and I hope you have FUN working in it!

  2. I know exactly what you HAS to feel right or it will just wind up collecting dust. I have tons of those. Now, I'm learning to make the ones I love and that feel like they belong in my hands. I'm glad you found yours today. Woot!!!
    Peace, Love & Art,

  3. You have totally inspired me here..... ! I make so many journals and end up tossing them because they don't feel right. I wonder if metal rings would help me too? Dang, girl! :D


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