Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recent Journal Pages

My journal is getting heavy! I made it at the end of December and it is a whopping 80 pages!!! I wanted something with a lot of pages for a change so I could have a couple of months of journaling in one book. After working in it for all of January and what we've had of February that sucker is getting heavy. I can only imagine how much heft it will have come the end of the month or mid-March which is when it will be full. This may be the first, last and only time I make a journal with so many pages in it.

A few of the pages I've done this month and felt like sharing. I don't share them all because some things are highly personal, emotional and private. Granted, all journal pages are personal, but some are more emotional and private too. So, I pick and choose what parts of ME to share and what parts to keep to myself. Not exactly a bad thing if you think about it. Some people give out WAY too much information about themselves. More than you ever want or care to know! Thankfully, I'm not now nor will I ever be one of those...........

Oh, the last pic is of my journal cover. The HEAVY journal that is, not one of the others I've been working in.

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  1. Loved stopping by and seeing your journal pages - thanks for the link to postcrossing.


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