Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent Journal Pages

My few days of being alone came to an end Sunday, which explains why I haven't managed to blog or play on-line since then! It was nice to have some time to myself but I love having my family back home where they belong.

The other big thing keeping me from getting on line is my freakin' period. Evey year it gets worse and worse. Now I'm to the point that the cramps are so bad I can't move. As my sister said when I told her (laughing hysterically) "WELCOME TO THE 40's!!!!!" You know, after 30 years of dealing with pads the size of life rafts, cramps and chocolate cravings that make me want to kill I have had enough!!!!!

Hubby learned about my adventures Saturday night by reading it on the blog! We didn't have a chance to talk so I told him to find out what I did all weekend by going to my blog. He was a bit shocked, to say the least!!!!!!

Here are some of my recent journal pages that I hadn't had a chance to post. ENJOY!!!!!!

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