Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2/1/09 Journal Page

I forgot to post this journal page, the first one for February, when I scanned it in yesterday. I need to get the ones from 2/2 and 2/3 scanned and posted too.

I've been looking at decorative tape for hours now. I absolutely drool over all the different kinds. We need a big American manufacturer to make more of it because I don't like sending any of my money to Japan, Korea and China. They get enough of our money already, thank you very much. It stinks that all the best decorative tapes come from those countries because I could buy a ton of it!!! HEY, American Manufacturers!!!!!!! We've got a HUGE market here, all ready to go and buy your American Made art/stationery products, so get off your duffs and start making some cool tape for us to use!!!!

(think they heard me????)
UPDATE: Funny that I was going on about buying American. Seems our new government economic package is proposing the same thing. And, of course, other countries have a problem with it. Hellooooooo, we have a right to buy products made in our country and our Government definitely SHOULD do it!!!!

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