Monday, February 2, 2009

The Final Four

These are the final four journal pages for January. I have a few pages I started during the last few days of the month, but haven't finished (like the one I showed yesterday) so those will have to count for the month of February!

London came to a standstill because of "heavy snow". Yeah, right. If they want to see heavy snow they should come to New England or go to the North-West. I cannot believe an entire city came to a complete halt & pandemonium ensued because of a little snow. Crazy!!!!


  1. I am an american living in East England and we got quite a bit of snow from that very storm. Seems that the councils were just not prepared for such a snowfall as it is very rare here. We only missed one day of school here, but many schools were closed for the week! It seems a bit crazy to me as well. I moved here from Arkansas and we would sometimes miss days of school as, once again, the storms were so few that there was just no preparation for them...

    PS...I have just found your blog and think it is fab!

  2. Hello!

    I live in the West of England and there were plenty of radio and TV people saying much what you've said... but the point is we'd sack anyone who spent tons on snow clearing equipment when its a once in 25 years event...

    Absolutely love your journal pages... I've been browsing and enjoying them this evening.

    Haven't commented before because my standard browser doesn't work with this style of commenting (the embedded option on blogger) but I swapped to a different browser just so I could say something!


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