Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Art Drop II

I had to go out late this afternoon so brought a painting along with me to do another random art drop. You'd think people would notice a woman getting out of her truck at the pharmacy with a BIG painting in her hands, but amazingly enough they don't. I suppose the key is to act like it's perfectly natural for you to be grabbing a painting out of your truck, carrying it a few feet and plunking it against a wall before going on your way.

The other thing I have going is that to me it is natural because I've been doing this sort of thing for so long. I've left over 300 books in public for people to find. I've left over 100 pieces of art too. My favorite is the curb drop. Drop it while you're walking and just keep on going. Very rarely does anyone notice what you've just done.

Tonight there's another free painting out there somewhere. Hopefully picked up and brought to a good home.


  1. This is the best random act of kindness I have heard yet! Art and books . . . I love it! My rak is to pay the toll for the car behind me on Friday evenings when I take the toll road home. I drive off and get off at the next exit while the person is still at the toll booth. I don't give them a chance to catch up to thank me so it's a true rak. It feels good to give!


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