Thursday, April 7, 2011

Assorted Journal Pages

I was all tucked into bed, but unable to fall asleep as usual, so decided to scan in a few more journal pages to share. Two in the morning seems to be my "ideal" time to blog. I'm usually awake anyway so why not take a few moments to scan a few journal pages, write a paragraph or two and post? Maybe I've hit on my blogging routine at last. but I wouldn't count on it. I admit routine is not something I am good with! 

Today's Movie: Charlotte Gray   A WWII story about the French Resistance. Not bad, but not great either.
Today's reading: Town In a Blueberry Jam  A light, cozy mystery. takes place in coastal Maine, an area I'm quite familiar with. A fast, easy read to keep my mind off the pain.


  1. I LOVE your first page! Of course I do...I'm in it!!!!
    That was a great day at the museum. Gotta do that again.

  2. Oh, WOW. Just wow. These journal pages are simply amazing.

  3. Raine-- That WAS a great day at the museum!!! Chihuly Exhibit coming up. you wanna?

    Thanks San! Glad you enjoyed looking at my pages!!!


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