Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Journal Pages

A few more journal pages that I managed to scan in today. There aren't many more from this particular journal to scan in and share. I've already made and begun working in another journal. A delightful book that I made with staggered pages, hidden pockets, envelopes for gathering life's ephemera and a cover created from a painting I started years ago on canvas paper but never finished.  I've been trying to get decent photos of the new journal to share, but my camera phone isn't cooperating and I can't locate my digital camera.  It's here somewhere, but I've been doing so much rearranging and spring cleaning I'm not quite sure where!

At the moment my kitchen is partially gutted, my living room is constantly being rearrange because I'm trying to get the furniture just right and I'm tossing/passing along things I no longer need so there's quite a few large trash bags and piles of "stuff" lying about. It sounds a bit chaotic, but it's actually pretty normal for around here. I use these types of activities as a distraction from my physical pain and I'm very impulsive. Anyone who decides to rip out their kitchen floor and start taking down walls at the spur of the moment must be impulsive, right?  Or crazy, but I'm sticking with impulsive because it sounds so much nicer.

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