Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Terrible Blogger

I am, admittedly, a terrible blogger. Despite my good intentions, which just may pave the road to Hell as the old saying goes, I cannot keep myself in the blogging groove. The problem is I like face to face communication. I like speaking face to face and I like sharing art face to face. No matter how many times I vow to do better with keeping up with this blog, I don't stick with it. I'd rather be creating art, out exploring the world, living life.  Plus, I'm not one to tell the entire world much of anything about my life. Which is an issue if you have a blog I suppose.

That said, here I am once again at 2:00 AM scanning in journal pages and updating my blog.  WHY? Because I'm human, an artist and a woman. All three of these things make it so I have a need to share and a desire to stick with something I set out to do. In this case, sharing my art through this blog. I'm not making any promises. I won't tell you I'll stick to regular updates or posting even weekly, because I don't believe in false promises and knowing myself as I do, that would surely be a false promise. I'm here now and I'm ready to share. Take it for what it is, leave it for what it isn't. Frankly, I'll never know either way, will I?  If you do stick around and check back regularly I can assure you I will be back again. I simply can't tell you when. Consider that one of life's little surprises.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy, become inspired, feel disgusted by, whatever emotion suits you at the moment, these journal pages. They're in no particular order, they're just some of the ones I know haven't made their debut here before.



  1. You might be a self described terrible blogger, but girlfriend, you rock the journal!!! Don't feel guilty about not posting a lot, do it when you can! :) Journaling is much more important than blogging! :)

  2. Journaling is ALL important as far as I'm concerned!!!! I'd cease to breathe if I had to stop journaling. I'm always telling people these pages are just the random stuff that falls out of my head when it gets too crowded. If I didn't have that outlet imagine what would happen? LOL BIG HUGS!!!!


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