Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Gargoyle In the Garden

I have always loved gargoyles. There is something about them that captivates me. Some folks find them creepy, but not me. I love everything about them; their history as water spouts and guardians of cathedrals, their diversity of expression and their presence all captivate me.

When I was in France I gazed upon the Notre Dame gargoyles with awe. They are as awesome as I always heard they were. I could've spent hours looking at them, but didn't have the time to do so. One day I'll go back and spend as much time with them as I want.

I have several small gargoyles around the house but have always wanted one for my garden. A big one to guard my home and yard.

After many years of wanting I finally have one! It arrived yesterday and is truly awesome. He's not made of stone, which is the only part of my wish that didn't come true. But, the stone ones are BIG bucks and that's something I just don't have. So Emmett (the name he came with) is made out of faux stone. But it looks like the real thing, which is cool by me.

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