Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 20-22 Journal Pages

Just a quick posting today to show off a few of my latest journal pages. It's cold and rainy here this week so I've been hurting. I'm thankful I can still make art even when I'm in pain. That's one of the things I like best about art, you can do it anywhere! I make a whole lot of art while laying in bed, not just working in my art journals, but also making ATC's, small painted/collaged items, hand-bound journals, postcards, mini art quilts, etc.

I have a bunch of cozy spots inside and outside my house that I regularly create in. One of these days I'm going to photograph all the different places I work just to show people that making art absolutely anywhere is indeed possible!!!!!!


  1. Love them both! Especially the way the first one seems to be chaotic but each point is so well understood. Nice!
    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥

  2. Hi Kristin ! The cold and rainy weather affects me too....I usually get nasty headaches..Hope you're feeling better, we are supposed to have gorgeous weather this weekend. Life is so much more pleasant when the sun shines ! Love your journal pages, especially the one on the bottom. You are one productive gal !


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