Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 8-10 Journal Pages

It's Easter and my boy came bounding out of bed at 6:45 all revved up and anxious to start hunting for his basket and the eggs the big bunny left. I wish he'd bounce out of bed that easily and enthusiastically on school mornings!

We had a nice anniversary day yesterday. Hubby gave me a wonderful card that actually brought tears to my eyes. The sentiment it expressed was so heartfelt and very much needed at this moment. Although we didn't go anywhere the day was great. Very relaxing and peaceful. Also, fruitful. I painted and collaged a bunch of journal pages and hubby managed to get the big brush pile burned. A good day for it too as there was a slow to heavy drizzle the whole time he was burning. The boy was exceptionally well behaved. So much so that I wondered if the Pod People had come and created a different child who just happened to look like ours!!!

Tomorrow hubby has the day off and we're going to lunch and a movie. I can't wait. It has been ages since we've seen a movie in the theater that didn't involve talking rats, cars, mice or robots!

A few journal pages from this past week:

April 8--two page spread:

April 8--left hand side:

April 8--right hand side:

April 9:
April 10:


  1. LOVE your pages!!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Happy Easter!!! Have a great day tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  2. Raine aka ArtzyEmpressApril 12, 2009 at 4:17 PM

    Those are great! So much fun. And the colors are STUNNING!!!!!!

    Congrats again on 10 and 20. ;) Savor the romance.


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