Monday, February 18, 2008

Altered Couture

I need to go scrounge around the thrift stores. I'm in altered couture mode. I feel the need to take discarded clothing, slash, dye, sew, paint, stamp and manipulate in any whatever way that strikes my fancy in order to create items that are fun, funky, full of personality and expression of my self. Having finished the jeans and jacket I was working on I've been riffling thorugh my closet looking for more articles to alter. nothing in there strikes my fancy, thus the need for a good bout of Thrift Store shopping! In the meantime, I'll imagine all the ways I can transform something old into something new and see what kind of inspiration I get.

And while I do that imagining, I'll take a few moments with my handy, dandy camera to get photos of those altered jeans and the jacket to post here!

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