Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday I went and had my tattoo finished! Originally designed for me in July 2007 by Paul Wade, I never had any work done on it until October '07 due to my very dark tan. Even in October I was too tanned to have it colored so have been living with it black all these months. Even all black it was gorgeous but, it is even more so now that it's complete.

Paul is the owner of the
Tattoo Gallery in Southboro, MA and is a true artist. When I first went to him with my ideas I never dreamed how truly awesome the design he created would be. On his first try he was able to draw exactly what I wanted. The best part, for me, is that no one will ever have this same tattoo. It's MINE! How awesome is that?

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  1. I love it Kristin!!!! Inspiring blog too!


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