Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creative Spaces

    I don't have an official "studio". What I have are various smaller creative spaces throughout the house. A small desk in the family room where I do block printing, ATC's, journaling & other creative tasks which don't require a lot of space. A bin full of collage supplies and a bed tray that I use when the pain levels are high and being in bed is my only option. A small backpack full of journal supplies I keep by my chair, and a 6' folding table on the back porch for larger projects or multiple projects in progress. The porch is my favorite creating spot. The light is good, the view in two directions overlooks my gardens, and there's plenty of room to move around. I'm of the mind frame that any space can be a creative one. It doesn't really matter where you create as long as you do it! Where do you create? I'd love to hear about your sacred space.

Back porch space

My supply closet. Granted, I have a whole lot more stuff that doesn't fit in here!

My on-the-go and by my chair backpack.

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