Monday, October 17, 2011

Mixed Media Monday

I started this piece a while back (you can see it here and here), but the La Catrina image got misplaced. She reappeared in a box of miscellaneous papers one day, to my delight, so I immediately got to work on it again.  The substrate is Masonite, covered with papers, paint and gesso. La Catrina has been hand-colored and UTEE added on top. I"ll be adding metal bits, some skull beads and wire to finish it off.
  I love using up extra bits of paper, paint, inks, etc by making ATC's.
ATC's are a great way to have a finished piece of art quickly, which can be quite satisfying! 

Four mixed-media ATC's made 10/15/11
The top heart is grunge board.


  1. Love the Catrina! I am such a fool for the DOTD images, though I honestly seldom use them in my work.
    Now skulls in general seem to make it in!
    Great piece~~anxious to see it all done.


  2. Ah a kindred spirit when it comes to DOTD images! I have a serious love affair with them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!


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