Monday, October 3, 2011

Mixed-Media Monday's

  I decided Monday's will be the day to share the mixed-media pieces I started over the past week. Or at least as many of them I can capture with my camera phone (note to self: MUST get new digital camera!)  I am really prolific when it comes to creating so it isn't unusual for me to have 20 or more pieces begun in a week's time. and I tend to leap around a lot, from working on substrate to altering objects, to working in paper mache to....  Well, you get the drift.  I'm convinced I have some sort of ADD that only artists have.

  I've been working on backgrounds for a series of paintings. The substrate size & type varies, but they share a color theme & subject matter. There was a chapter heading in an old book I was tearing text out of that caught my imagination (The good strange and the bad strange) so it's being used in each piece. Being quite strange myself, how could I possibly resist?

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