Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorite Friday's

It's been a busy week, full of inspiration and fun moments. Seems like every time I turned around there was something new to discover or something old to see in a new way. A few of my favorites I share with you.

1) By far my favorite moment of the week was my son and I getting to meet Steven Cotler, author of the delightful children's book, 'Cheesie Mack is not a Genius or Anything' . Mr Cotler spent a few days in our town, meeting with the middle school kids and taping a segment of the town's Celebrity Readers program for our local access channel. My son's class spent one class period with him on Monday, which thrilled him to no end. On Tuesday we attended the show taping at the library and I had a chance to meet Mr Cotler. He is a really nice guy, easy to talk to and has lead quite the interesting life. He also had some very nice things to say about my boy which obviously made me like him even more!
2) Tuesday nights I usually take my art journal and go sit at this out of the way, hole in the wall bar called  Vincent's. From the location, a seedy part of Worcester, and the exterior you'd never guess what lurks inside. One of the funkiest, feel right at home places with the best acoustic music in town. This past Tuesday I was at my usual table (And yes. It IS mine. People move away from it when they see me walk in, art bag in hand.) listening to the acoustic duo of Scott Ricciuti (who happens to be a good friend) and John Donovan. Scott and John are two thirds of The Friday Farewells. The other third, Michael Thibodeau, was missing that night. They did some great classics by the Beatles and Who along with a bunch of originals. Between the atmosphere, the music and the eclectic photographs and various weird decorations (giant tarantula under glass anyone?) this is definitely an inspiring place for any artist.

3)  The art of Niki de Saint Phalle has always intrigued me. Especially her Tarot garden. It inspired me yet again this week when I stumbled upon her web site while looking for something else entirely. Alas, she passed in 2002 so no more unbelievable sculptural works in the future. But at least I have those from the past to continue to inspire and intrigue. If you aren't familiar with her work do check it out! It's amazing!!!

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