Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Friday's

    My favorite this week is the visit I had yesterday with my art buddy, Raine. We hadn't seen each other in eons so a visit was long overdue. As usual we chatted, laughed and acted like our goofy selves, all the while sharing art work while sprawled in her living room. I love the fact that we hadn't been together in ages, yet it was like we'd seen each other just the day before. That's the beauty of a real friendship. No matter how much time has passed you can walk through the door, kick off your shoes and feel at home!
    After the requisite ooooing and ahhhing over each other's journals and art works we then hung out in her back studio. Raine has an amazing amount of art supplies, many of which I hadn't seen yet, so we spent a long time looking though them, talking about ways to use them and brainstorming new ideas. There is nothing quite like a day spent with another Creative Soul to get you inspired and fired up. 

Raine's Living Room Bookcase. Love the displaying of her own creations!
Art is meant to be seen and she definitely shows it off!
Some of Raine's journals
More of Raine's journals
and yet more of Raine's journals!
Raine's back studio
Some of Raine's back studio storage.
The back studio bulletin board with a nice display of her art.
The sign outside the door. LOVE this!!!
The full view of Raine's studio sign
The pile of grunge board Raine sent home with me. Am I lucky or what?



  1. I love to see others journals stacked like that full of all kinds of fun things.

  2. Me too Sandy! And all those dangly things on the outside make you want to take them off the shelf and look through them!

  3. So colorful it's inspiring! Does she sell the grunge boards or are they Tim Holtz's?

  4. Emily, they're Tim's but she had loads extra so gave me a bunch since I had none. We like to gift each other!!!


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