Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Journal Pages

   When I work in my journal, which is every single day, I don't necessarily work in order. I jump around from front to back, to middle to front and even from journal to journal. Whichever journal is handy when I feel like working is the one I grab. I also vary what type of journal work I'm doing on any particular day. Some days it's painting pages, others collage and then there are the days I just sit and journal page after page after page.  It may not sound like a method, but it's my method and it works for me.
  If you look through my journals you'll see there is no chronological order in them date wise. But you can pick out themes. Certain things show up in them over and over again.  Today's post showcases three pages that have a theme to them, whether it was intentional or not. Usually it's not. Whatever happens to fall out of my head while I am writing is what ends up on the page.  But by looking at the pages you can clearly see certain things are on my mind a lot.
  In the case of these pages what's on my mind is poverty. Every day I try to remember that 1.4 billion people live below the poverty level of $1.25 per day.  Which makes me ask myself, do I really need that cool, binding system I saw in a magazine? Or to go out to eat instead of cooking tonight? The answer is always no. How can I justify spending money when so many have so little? This keeps me humble, and thrifty and driven to do more. I may not have much money wise or even material wise compared to some. But Icertainly have a whole lot more than the 1.4 billion who have nothing. Think about that the next time you shell out $4 for a cup of coffee (which I refuse to do, ever!). Maybe you'll decide that $4 can be put to better use.

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