Friday, October 28, 2011

First Snow

    It snowed last night. The heavy, branch breaking snow that we usually don't get as a first snow. Today the Jack O Lantern and Guardian Gargoyle wear hats of white.

Even though I am not ready for the deep, months long cold and snow, I have no choice in the matter so will just accept it for the beauty it offers. The snow did make a delightfully crunchy sound when walking on it. My late lettuce greens and radishes probably don't appreciate that sound though. In fact, they looked cold! I made a quick, make shift cold frame out of bent maple branches and heavy plastic. Better late than never....

Last 10 songs the i-Pod randomly played: 
Black Hole Sun--Stone Temple Pilots
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy--Bette Midler
Bodies--Drowning Pool
Domino--Van Morrison
Dead and Bloated--Stone Temple Pilots
Dance Hall Days--Wang Chung
Dirty Deeds--AC/DC
Black Betty--Ram Jam
I Don't Like Mondays--Boomtown Rats

Can we say eclectic?


  1. Ah, lucky you! We got rain and then frost this morning, though a beautiful sunrise to go with the cold.
    I *think* I am ready for snow.....


  2. Anne~ I am NOT ready for snow, but seeing as I have no choice in the matter will just accept it. I do admit it had this delightfully crunchy sound when I went out walking in the yard.


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