Sunday, January 4, 2009

Collate: A Paper Collaboration

After seeing this on Kelly Kilmer's blog I just had to check it out. Sweet Jessie is hosting this totally awesome paper collaboration where each participant sends in 50-70 pieces of paper and for a small fee gets a bound journal of mixed papers in return!!! Being a total paper whore I joined immediately.

My pile of 6" x 9" papers were cut last night, put in an envelope this morning and will be mailed off tomorrow. Now I just need to wait (impatiently) for the day I receive a bound journal in return. Can't wait to get it in my hands and make those first entries!


  1. Hi Artzy Diva,
    I have been checking out the blogs of the collate swap participants and have just enjoyed reading loads of yours. I particularly enjoyed finding out that there are fainting goats. How funny! Goats are so weird with their little devilish eyes and their way of eating anything at all. I like them though. I visited a farm in the autumn and they had a bridge for the goats like in the billy goats gruff where they could look down on passers by. Like your gargoyle too!

  2. Hi Sarah- Thanks for stopping by! My gargoyle sported a Santa hat for the holidays & I keep meaning to post a picture of that. He looked especially cute with the snow piled around him.

    I'd love to see that farm with the bridge for the goats to look down from. the three billy goats gruff was always a favorite of mine--not surprisingly ;)


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