Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza Cease Fire!

It's only for 10 days, but it's a start!!! Let's hope the cease-fire continues and peace is restored. A long shot, I know, but one can always hope. And pray, and focus on spreading inner-peace to one and all so the madness ends!

ABC NEWS: Gaza Cease Fire


  1. Did you read Raising Yousuf's blog today about the 11 year old boy who was used for target practice by IDF solders? I am sick about it. Just disgusted.

    I am thankful for the ceasefire but still very very worried and very very upset. I do not understand how anyone would think that the actions of the Israeli government over the last two weeks would make anyone in the area "more safe". So many have lost their lives and are scarred beyond repair.

    They are raising children-on both sides-to hate.
    My heart is still very, very heavy. The Palestinians needed to be treated like human beings. Once that starts, things will change for the better.

  2. The whole thing makes me heartsick & thoroughly disgusted by what human-beings are willing to do to each other.


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