Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Page In Progress

I thought it would be nice to show one of my journal pages in progress. I have many different ways of working, so this example is just one of them. Sometimes I start adding images to a blank page, other times I write or paint first.

Here I've painted the page using multiple colors of acrylic paint:

Next I did some journaling using Sharpie Poster Paint Markers. I turned the page in a different direction each time I changed colors so the text becomes more of a design element than an expression of words. This is a good way to write when you have a lot to say or if you don't necessarily want everyone being able to read what you've written!

I've added my main (focal) image and a few accent pieces of decorative paper to help draw the eye toward the focal:

Finally I add more journaling using a regular Sharpie and a gel pen & create some accents around the focal image. The accents help draw your eye to the focal even more:

And that's it! A completed journal page.

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